#SPOTLIGHT - The Malcolm mafia & the Rodriguez Cartel (The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga Book 7) by J. S. Lewis

The Malcolm mafia & the Rodriguez Cartel (The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga Book 7) - J. S. Lewis, Jermaine Duncan, Michelle Browne

The Rodriguez Family
Sacrificing Riley Rodriguez's life like a pawn on a chessboard, Andrew S. Malcolm escaped a conviction. Now his father, rival drug lord Pablo Rodriguez, has kidnapped three persons of interest, hoping to draw out Prince Andre "Dre" Malcolm.
Lacking faith in their aging father's lenient methods, his two most capable sons took matters into their own hands--and failed. Now it's up to his 'lesser' sons: the handsome, nonchalant, mild-bipolar and closeted bisexual Jose Rodriguez- who's secretly in love with Dre- and his wise, openly gay activist brother and outcast, Santiago Rodriguez
The Malcolm family
Blinded by an insatiable lust for power and willingness to double-cross everyone to take over the family, Justin Malcolm rises. But heavy is the head that wears the crown.
Donte Malcolm finds himself grappling the unreality of going from riches to rags for defying his family. He is consumed with guilt when his transgender lover, Hazel Peterson, is kidnapped. To return to power, he would have to betray his relatives...but is power what he truly wants? 
Dre and Justin struggle for power,but when Dre's husband Jevaughn arrives in Miami and learns of Dre's actions in the name of family honor, it strikes a deadly blow to their marriage. Bonds will be broken and hearts will be tested.
*Can Be Read as Stand-alone.*


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