REVIEW BY DEBBIE - The Guitarist by Lindy S. Hudis

The Guitarist - Lindy S. Hudis

It is the wild, decadent and sexually charged 80s, and Diego Ortega is a rock guitar god. He is loved, adored and worshiped by screaming, sex-crazed groupies, obsessed fans and over-zealous admirers. Wherever the great guitar god goes, love struck and fanatical women rip open their shirts and plant aggressive kisses on his lips. Diego seems to have it all until fate suddenly grips him in the guise of an antique Fender Stratocastor.

Though he is warned by its owner that the instrument is cursed, Diego refuses to take no for an answer, but will he pay the ultimate price?

Falling in love with the Strat, and the mysterious woman who begins to visit nightly, he and his guitar rock the stage. It isn't until the instrument begins to leave a bloody trail everywhere he goes that Diego realizes the curse is real, and his mystery lover's life is also at stake. In an instant, it becomes a choice between destroy or be destroyed, but will Diego have the strength?


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