REVIEW BY MERISSA - Dragon Orb (Dragons of Daegonlot #1) by Shanlynn Walker

Dragon Orb (Dragons of Daegonlot Book 1) - Shanlynn Walker
Dragon Orb is a short novella that sets the scene for the Dragons of Daegonlot series. It begins with Dax, a 16-year-old from unknown beginnings. He was taken in by two dragonriders and raised as their own. All his life, he has talked of becoming a dragonrider, but has yet to be chosen. One day, a wild dragon flies down before him, and charges him to take care of her egg. Dax does so, and this starts him on a whole new journey. 
For only a short book, there is plenty of backstory and history to be gained, plus a host of captivating characters. I loved how Dax and 'Thira interacted with each other, and would love to know more. This is a teaser, a taster, that will definitely leave you wanting more.
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