#SPOTLIGHT - The Atriian Trilogy by Fawn Bonning

The Atriian Trilogy (3 Book Series) - Fawn Bonning

The Heart of Hannen

Christine's life has gone horribly awry. She believes she knows the true meaning of misery and shame . . . until destiny lands her in a different world.

Hannen Fallier has been horribly mauled. And not only his face. He believes his heart to be mangled beyond mending . . . until destiny lands Christine in his path.

Can their love survive, or does destiny have other brutal plans?

The Leader of Lors

How far will a mother go to protect her child?
Christine will go to beyond the ends of the Earth,
back to the brutal world of Atriia,
back to the man who will possess
her at any cost.

He is Lor Zeria,
the very Leader of Lors,
revered and respected by all,
yet feared by Christine as no other.

This is a tale of fantasy and bravery, 
of adventure and horror,
of passion and obsession, 
of survival and betrayal.

And for Christine Clavin . . .
it is her own harrowing tale
of destiny.

King Kynneth

She escaped Lor Zeria with her life and her child,
but now she must face his brathern.

He is King Kynneth, hungry for power and bent on revenge.
He means to rule the world of Atriia and to claim Christine as his own.

Will he conquer the world?
Will he conquer Christine?
Or does fate have other plans?


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