The Girl in the Box Series (The Girl in the Box #1-3) by Robert J. Crane

The Girl in the Box Series, Books 1-3: Alone, Untouched and Soulless - Robert J. Crane
The Girl in the Box series is an urban fantasy/paranormal about a young girl, Sienna, who has powers that she can't yet handle. With an unusual upbringing, she breaks a number of 'rules' within moments as two strangers break into her home. She doesn't know what they want, or where her mother is, but she isn't prepared to find out! She fights back, and runs away, where she is helped by the enigmatic Reed. After being tracked down by Wolfe, Sienna is injured and Reed disappears. She is taken to a facility where things take a turn for the strange...
This is an enjoyable set of books, giving detail in Sienna's life without being bored with unnecessary details. She reminded me a lot of Buffy as a character, with quick retorts. Plus there was the whole comment about dreaming about a man with sliced cheese!!! Also, there are the inevitable comparisons to be made with Rogue of Marvel fame, who is also unable to touch anyone without absorbing them. 
On the whole, this was quick paced and well written. There is enough mystery there that even after three books, I am still no closer to an answer. If you like your urban fantasy full of twists and turns, not knowing who you can trust, or if they are who they really say they are, then I can definitely recommended this series.
* Verified Purchase - June 2014 *
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