Enchantment (Channie #1) by Charlotte Abel

Enchantment - Charlotte Abel
Enchantment is the first book in the Channie series by Charlotte Abel. It tells the story of a sixteen-year-old magical girl who is suddenly uprooted from everything she knows, and taken to a new place to live, where the people don't believe in magic. Not only that, but her parents change her 'Power Name' from Enchantment, to Chastity, for obvious reasons. They had no idea of how this would affect her (and them). Now, Channie has to try and get to grips with a new power which acts like a taser the minute a boy has lustful thoughts!
This is an easy read, although you do have to remind yourself that Channie is only sixteen, and has what could easily be called a sheltered upbringing. She has no idea of 'real' life. Also, her power name of Enchantment was warm and cosy, making everyone want to like her. From the background you are given, she doesn't abuse this power, but rather uses it to make her life a bit smoother. (And what sixteen-year-old wouldn't?) Once she has Chastity's power though, she has to learn how to work with it. Where Enchantment is smooth and warm, Chastity is prickly, cold, and hard. This changes her attitude, and I couldn't really fault it towards her parents - and I use the word loosely! 
With difficult choices to make, jealousy, and wanting things that she can't yet have, Enchantment is a sweet love story that sets the scene for more to come. Very well written, with no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt the reading flow, this book was thoroughly enjoyable. Recommended by me.
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