Rowena's Triple Threat (Grey River #4) by Maia Dylan

Rowena's Triple Threat - Maia Dylan
Rowena's Triple Threat is the story that I've been waiting for, but the main males aren't the ones I imagined. That just makes it so much better! Rowena is a character we have met before, as she was Faith's counsellor. She finds out that someone is getting parole, and it is too much for her. She comes up with a plan, and along with Angel, she goes to Grey River. When she arrives there, she meets Wyatt, Luke, and Chase, who immediately have The Quickening, and know that she is their fated mate. So as well as the threat following her, she now has three well-built wolf shifters to contend with too.
I loved how each of the triplets was different, although I like Luke a bit more - maybe it's because I could "cope" with him! Wyatt, the eldest, is a strong alpha who swears allegiance to Ty and Trent, but isn't any weaker. Chase is the joker of the pack, as well as the baby, who hides a heart of gold. Luke is the calming influence, who nevertheless feels very deeply. Rowena stands up to all of them, but only when she feels it is necessary. With a warm welcome given to them by the rest of the Pack, it is only a matter of time until things go wrong.
Like any Maia Dylan book, this is extremely well written, with characters and situations that will grip you from start to finish. Definitely recommended by me.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
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