Sword Bearer (Return of the Dragons #1) by Teddy Jacobs

Sword Bearer (Return of the Dragons Book 1) - Teddy Jacobs
Sword Bearer is about a (just) sixteen-year-old boy who has been over-protected by his parents for unknown reasons all his life. There is magic in the land, but you are not sure if Anders will be trained to use that, or his sword arm. To be honest, neither seems a possibility when you start the book. However, things happen, and new characters appear. Characters that have a massive impact on Anders and what he knows and believes. With knowledge that he doesn't know he has until he needs it, plus the ability to 'sing' magic, plus animals of the 'dark side' acknowledging him, there is more to Anders than meets the eye. 
Anders shows perfectly the inconsistency of teenagers - one moment he is accepting of his fate, and the next bemoaning it. He falls instantly in love/lust with Kara, who is with Kalle. With new breeds of magic character, plus the use of German words as words of power/command, Sword Bearer has a lot to offer if you are after a light read. What it doesn't offer, mind you, are any DRAGONS! I know this is book 1, but you would think, with a series title like that, that you would see at least one! 
Well written, with no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt the reading flow, this is a fantasy recommended for light reading. It was good and I enjoyed it.
* Verified Purchase - March 2013 *
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