Quest of the Artisan (The Children of Camelot #2) by Donna Hosie

Quest of the Artisan - Donna Hosie
The Quest of the Artisan is told completely from Rustin's point of view. As such, we get the clueless teenager who is trying to be friendly with girls, but doesn't understand when they want to take it further. His eyes are set on Mila, and he misses her. He hopes that she will return to him soon, but doesn't know for sure. It appears that fate has an interest though, as things happen to make Mila return to Rustin's side when he least expects it. There is adventure, friendship, loyalty, and treachery afoot in this finale. Mila and Rustin don't actually get to spend that much time together as circumstances conspire for Rustin to find his own path. 
This is a brilliantly written book, that rounds off The Children of Camelot and The Return to Camelot series. It is a fresh and exciting take on the tales of King Arthur, Lady Morgana, Nimue, and the Fisher King, to name but some. With no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt the reading flow, you can lose yourself in the tales of time gone by, told by people of the 21st century as they lived it. Completely enthralling and highly recommended by me.
* Verified Purchase - November 2016 *
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