BLOG TOUR & REVIEW - Incident of Magic (Everlight #2) by Kris Michaels and Patricia A. Knight

Incident of Magic - Patricia A. Knight, Kris Michaels
Incident of Magic is the second book in the Everlight series. In this one, we start with Locke and Silk, a detective from Everlight, and a monk from Elysium, who are not getting on, to say the least. These two are coming at the same problem from opposite ends of the spectrum, and not communicating with each other. Hacinka and Kavaliro are sure they will work together, and put them in a situation where they HAVE to succeed or die. Locke does get injured, because he doesn't trust Silk, and it is during his recovery that they actually start talking to each other. The groundwork is laid, and these two become the latest hot couple. 
This book is as excellently written as the first book, full of sarcasm and humour. It was with great pleasure that I saw Hiro and Sable playing a part in this story too. Silk and Locke's relationship is different to theirs, and that makes it all the better! It's not just a carbon copy of Hiro and Sable, which so too happens, but instead is individual to these characters. 
Now, I can be an emotional wreck when I'm reading, but this book, jeez, this book made me cry when something happened to a character that up until then you hadn't actually heard much about! Yes, the reactions of one of the main characters had a bearing on that, but still... absolutely amazing. 
With no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt the reading flow, this is a stunner of a book, and highly recommended by me. Can't wait to continue with this series.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
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