REVIEW BY MERISSA - I Close My Eyes by Regina Puckett

I Close My Eyes - Regina Puckett
I Close My Eyes tells the story of Jane and Phillip. Jane is the only daughter of a Duke, married for over 10 years to Jane's stepmother, who has gone out of her way to make Jane's life as difficult as possible. Her father does nothing to stop this, in fact, he supports her step mother in every way. Phillip had an abusive father who has recently died in 'strange' circumstances, although the gossipmongers of London know exactly who was to blame! These two come together in unusual circumstances, but a bond is quickly forged between them. They are both honest, and there are no unnecessary dramatics between them. However, the best laid plans tend to go awry when emotions come into play - especially in a time when social etiquette could make or break a person's reputation.
This sweet story is very well written, with plenty of descriptions of both characters and places to keep you occupied. Full of action and tenderness, it is a charming story set within society's rules, although Jane and Phillip do love to break the rules together. With happiness and sorrow, this is a book that is sure to delight. Definitely recommended by me.
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