REVIEW BY MERISSA - The Gift (Transitions #1) by Nikki Landis

The Gift - Nikki Landis
The Gift is the first book in the Transitions series, which delves into the world of the Clairvoyant, the medium who helps souls move on. Gemma is 29-years-old, and single. She has had relationships in the past, but doesn't 'crave' them. She even says that some of her relationships failed because she was "too independent, too secure." She meets the soul of a young girl and recognises that she had died a traumatic death, and has to help her. She goes to the police station where she finds out that the Lieutenant is none other than the man who tried to pick her up at the supermarket the night before. Victor and Gemma quickly become entwined, and the plot thickens.
There were parts about this story that I loved, and parts that just didn't seem to sit well with me (sorry!). Gemma is so independent, and yet she finds herself in bed with Victor (platonically) incredibly quickly! Not only in bed, but every aspect of her life. So why, when they are heading to somewhere that they both know is trouble, is Victor okay with Gemma's story that she felt sick and left to go home by herself? And yes, I know it wouldn't have helped his side of the story to move forwards, but it just seemed a tad strange. Also, Ryan! So independent, and yet clinging onto complete strangers? Sorry, but that didn't work for me. Why was the whole police station smirking at Gemma as she went forward to help the very first time? As for Victor himself, the question I was left with was Why? Cody - why? Yes, they are involved, but why? How? When? Like I said, some questions definitely left unanswered for me.
On the whole, I enjoyed this book for the new and refreshing take on the paranormal and suspense side of things. I just couldn't gel with the romance! However, this is just the first book in the series, so maybe things will become clearer as the story progresses. If you want something a bit different with your paranormal suspense, then I definitely recommend you give this one a try.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
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