#SPOTLIGHT - One (Count to Ten #1) by Jane Blythe

One - Jane Blythe

Annabelle Englewood slaughters her family while they sleep. 

Or so it seems to Detective Xavier Montague when he and his partner arrive at her house to find her sleeping peacefully, her family all dead. 

But then another family and another are murdered, again with one family member left alive, and it becomes clear that Annabelle is simply a pawn in a vicious killer’s game. 

Intrigued by Annabelle, the first woman Xavier has been attracted to since his divorce, when he comes face to face with the killer he will be forced to make the ultimate choice, a life and death decision, that could let a psychotic murderer walk free.



Source: http://archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2017/05/spotlight-one-count-to-ten-1-by-jane.html