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His Destiny - Sheila Kell, Eric Battershell, CT Cover Creations
HIS Destiny is the fifth book in the HIS series by Sheila Kell, and I will admit here to having missed book four which is Devon and Rylee's story. This MAY have affected how I've read Trent and Kelly's story, but I can't be sure.
After the blast that took Les' life, Trent went through his hospital stay as stoically as possible, with his only intention of escaping everything as soon as he could. He feels smothered by his new-found 'brothers' and won't even allow his best friend Kelly in to see him, in case she pities him. So, once he is well enough, he heads on out on his bike, determined to leave all that behind him. Only he doesn't go alone. One of the nurses who helped to look after him has come along. It's nothing romantic, far from it. She is actually dying and wants this to be her final ride. Trent does a good thing for her, and in return, she tries to help him move on and accept his family.
Kelly is settling for Brian. She loves him, and has done since High School, but she isn't IN love with him. She feels horrible for feeling that way, but Trent will never be hers, so she just has to deal. Everything is going okay until Brian is killed and more than one attempt is made on Kelly's life. Meghan speaks to Trent and he is soon back in Kelly's life, trying to catch up on all he has missed out on.
This is an enjoyable story, with plenty of interaction not only between the two main characters, but with all the members of HIS, plus additional characters too. With plenty of intrigue to keep your attention, HIS Destiny is a real page-turner. Kelly's attitude towards Trent's proposal annoyed me a bit as I don't like double-standards. However, she could see herself what she was doing, although it didn't alter her answer. I know it's there for a reason, but still, that bit got to me.
Very well written, the pace is consistent and flowing, building up to the climatic ending. If you like #Romance #Suspense, then I can definitely recommend this series, and this addition to you.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

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