Our Little Secret by Duncan Fairhurst

Our Little Secret - DUNCAN FAIRHURST
It seems wrong to give this book 4 stars when the description comes up with "Really Liked It". I didn't like. Not at all. It's a horrifying story made even worse because it is true. There is no glory in this book. Nothing that could make you think that it's "OK". I have had tears running down my cheeks as I've read it and do not want to read it again for a while. One comment made by the author is that the UK legal system is currently set up to favour the criminal and not the victim. How I wish this were otherwise. 

I take my hat off to Duncan Fairhurst for writing down this account and showing himself in a true light, rather than trying to hide parts of it. I wish him all the best for the future and congratulate him on the choices he has made and the choices he still has to make. He has turned himself around.
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