Rise & Fall (THIRDS #4) by Charlie Cochet

Rise & Fall - Charlie Cochet
OMG!!! Rise and Fall continues where Rack and Ruin finished. With both Sloane and Ash injured, and the team in the crosshairs, Sparks takes them off the case. Of course, Dex is none too pleased with that, especially as it was Sloane who got injured. So, he decides that he can't sit back and do nothing, and goes maverick. Now, with the team being more than just a team, it doesn't quite work out the way he thought it would. Also, Sloane is no slouch in the old brain department and figures out what Dex is doing. With more crossing over than Dex realises, Ash is looking out for him and telling Sloane, Austen is reporting both to Seb and Sloane, whilst giving out information to Dex. You get the idea. There is so much going on in this book, and yet there is still time for the relationships. Cael and Ash, Calvin and Hobbs, and now Bradley and Lou too.
What I love about these books is that the overall story arc continues, with plenty of action, twists and turns, and yet there is still 'time' for the couples. We learn more about Ash and Cael, Calvin, Hobbs, and ZZ Top (still laughing about that), and don't forget my favourite couple of all - Sloane and Dex. I really can't say how much I am loving this series, with plenty of moments to make me laugh out loud. I will drop two hints for those who know - white nurse's uniform and Tony and Old Betsy, not forgetting when Tony calls Dex 'Pocahontas'!!!
Can't wait for the next book, and highly recommend this one!
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