Against the Grain (THIRDS #5) by Charlie Cochet

Against the Grain - Charlie Cochet
Against The Grain is the first book where Dex and Sloane are not the main couple. Instead, we concentrate on Ash and Cael, and to be fair, their story has been a long time coming. We start where the previous book finished, with Tony wielding Old Betsy, but to the guys' surprise, it doesn't go down how they expected. Instead, Ash learns more about Cael than he realised he didn't know, and it makes him want to 'try'. This is still difficult for Ash, and it's not without it's hiccups, but Cael is prepared to help him where he can. Now, this wouldn't be a THIRDS book if something else wasn't going down, and this time it's all mixed in with Sloane's loss of control, plus it turns out Ash's loss of control, and maybe one other. You are left not knowing who to trust, apart from the family that is Destructive Delta!
Everything does become clear, plus it means a change for our crew, but they are prepared to fight for what they believe in. I will admit that I actually missed Dex's banter more than I thought I would. Although he is (obviously) still around, he isn't the main character and therefore the quips are there as much. Still, I enjoyed the mix of action, intrigue, romance, and sex. Ash and Cael's story is one that I wanted, waited for, and thoroughly enjoyed. I loved all the intrigue, the questions, and how this book complements the series as a whole. Most definitely recommended by me.
* Verified Purchase ~ April 2017 *
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