REVIEW BY MERISSA - Taken by the Storm (Beyond Ontariese #1) by Cyndi Friberg

Taken by the Storm (Ontarian Chronicles, # 1) - Cyndi Friberg
This story blends Paranormal Romance with Sci-Fi and does a pretty good job. Tal, our hero, takes the shifter part of paranormal to a whole new level. There is time travel involved in this as well so make sure you don't skip anything as you could get lost!

One of the things that I found quite puzzling, is although Charlotte has a "social alliance" with Tal, I couldn't find the part where they actually say "I love you". It's mentioned that she does and he does but usually there is a big scene where they declare their undying love but if it was in this book, I missed it.

I also missed the part where someone died. I was reading, he was there doing his bad stuff. Next thing I know, the others are getting rid of his remains. I don't like it when a book jumps like that or when you are presumed to know something. Call me pedantic, but I like to read about an event so just assume that I know what's happened.

On the whole, this was an enjoyable read with a good twist on the paranormal sci-fi genre. I do want to read the next in the series but I will wait for a while.
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