REVIEW BY MERISSA - The Iron Butterfly (Iron Butterfly #1) by Chanda Hahn

The Iron Butterfly - Chanda Hahn
This book throws you straight in with the action as you are immediately in a cell with Thalia as she tries to recover from the latest round on a torture machine. She has no memories of anything before her life locked up.

Through the help of another prisoner she is able to escape and then with the help of another pair of characters, she manages to put some distance between herself and where she was being held.

This story will lead you on a twisted journey as you travel with Thalia as she tries to understand who or what she is, what's been done to her and how she tries to deal with and live with the consequences.

There are the two male leads in this, one is a golden boy and one is dark and brooding. Her relationship with both of these could have gone into a bit more detail but even on the information given, Joss is solid but Kael's the guy for me. Actually, out of all of them, I think I'd stick with Faraway!

If you like fantasy and want to try something a little bit different, then why not try this one. 
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