REVIEW BY MERISSA - Kiss of Forever (Shadow Creek #3) by Leah Blake

Kiss of Forever - Leah Blake

The Shadow Creek series is one that I am loving. Kiss of Forever is the third book in the series, and this time we focus on the Alpha of Shadow Creek, Raul, and the enigmatic vampire, Victor. After reading Vuk and Ashly's book, you know that these two are intertwined somehow, but it's only once you start reading Raul's side of things that you learn just what he has done for the past 20 years to protect Victor. Yeesh, that man has a will of iron! Okay, so he had some magical help, but still...

Victor doesn't know why Raul has rejected him for so long, and now that Raul is sick, and getting sicker by the hour, he can't bear to see him in pain. Not once does Victor come across as a 'poor me' type of guy, desperately clinging onto someone who doesn't want. Instead, we see someone who has a will just as strong as the Alpha, who just wants the truth.
The story is more in-depth in this one, as we learn the twists and turns that have landed Raul and Victor in their positions. Pairs from previous stories also play a part in this story, although Vuk and Ashly get more of a mention simply due to who they are. This was exceedingly well-written, with no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading flow. I think there is still so much more to come, and I have no hesitation in recommending this book and the series.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
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