Man (Seven Forbidden Arts #9) by Charmaine Pauls

Man - Charmaine Pauls
Man, oh Man, what to say about this - the bittersweet finale to the Seven Forbidden Arts series. In this instalment, we finally get some hands on knowledge of Cain, the enigmatic leader. He is getting closer to Godfrey, and now has Godfrey's wife in his sights - quite literally. However, Olivia isn't what he was expecting, and she calls to him in ways long forgotten.
The whole crew is here, with twists and turns still coming. This is no 'take it slow' finale, no way. It's full of action, tense, with nail-biting suspense right to the very end. It was lovely catching up with all the previous couples, and seeing how they were getting on with their lives. But make no mistake, this edition is all about Cain, Olivia, and Godfrey. Yeesh, that man has creeped me out for 8 books so far, and continues to do so in this one!
I don't do spoilers, but I will say two things. First one, is 'Pegs'. First reaction - ouch! Second reaction - who knew?!