Last Chance (Royal-Kagan Shifter World #7) by Nancy Corrigan

Last Chance - Nancy Corrigan
Last Chance is Gwen's story, with Xander and Vlad/Vader. We met her at the same time we met Molly, but then she disappeared. Xander left his pack in the care of Xane, his twin brother, and put all his time and energy into finding her. Vlad was also doing the same, with Shifter Affairs as his back up. Both of these males have a history with Gwen, but none that she is aware of. Their history comes from previous incarnations that Gwen can't yet remember, and they always have a sad ending. Because triads aren't common, neither Vlad nor Xander were aware of the implications in Gwen's past lives. However, with the triad that has now happened, the way is open for them to finally make their soul-bond... if Gwen can forgive them for their errors.
Yes, Gwen is a virgin and she's human, but she is NOT weak. She has weak moments, when events overwhelm her, but come on, be honest. If you had undergone all that she has, you'd feel overwhelmed at times too. And don't forget, once you've stopped fighting for your life, the adrenaline drops, and it is then that you feel overwhelmed. I loved Gwen, and her sassy, feisty attitude, that will not just accept what her mates are telling her. Xander and Vlad are both exceptional males, but that didn't stop me from wanting to whomp them upside the head when they started - either at each other, or their misguided attempts of 'protecting' Gwen. There is so much in this story, more than enough to get your teeth into. Molly, the Ulgran clan, Lena, past incarnations, current situations, prickly males and sassy females. Not only do you get Gwen's story, but you get an update on Lena and Molly, with it being an integral part to both this story and moving forwards.
With no editing or grammatical errors, the pacing was smooth, leading to a gripping story with natural peaks and troughs. It flowed smoothly, from one scene to the next, leading up to the ending. I was completely enthralled with this story, and it has definitely left me a) wanting to read them all again, and b) waiting oh so patiently for the next one!
Highly recommended by me.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
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