REVIEW BY DEBBIE - The Swamp Witch, #1 - #3 by Sonia Taylor Brock

The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch - Sonia Taylor Brock A Witch's Welcome: The Swamp Witch Series - Sonia Taylor Brock, Caralee Caudelle, James W Brock Hawk's Spell - Sonia Taylor Brock

In her debut novel, The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch, Sonia Taylor Brock draws on her experience growing up in Southern Louisiana to create an authentic setting complete with hanging Spanish moss, tasty cuisine, and spot-on Cajun speaking characters.  The story follows Dan Rawlings, a city slicker from Los Angeles who dreams of writing an article for the LA Times that will solidify his career as an investigative journalist.  He drives from Los Angeles to Southern Louisiana in search of a missing heir to the Hamilton family fortune.  Initially treated warily by the townsfolk who see him as an outsider asking too many questions, he is soon invited to travel deep into the swamp, to the home of Estelle Eschte, a wise, elderly woman and the matriarch of the Eschte family.  In a Cajun English dialect thicker than molasses, Estelle reveals the family history to Dan, and he realizes she is the key to his career-breaking story.  But Dan is just beginning to understand the true legacy of the Eschte family, as a host of supernatural characters line up on the sides of both good and evil, battling to lay claim to the Balance and forever alter the nature of magic as it exists in the world.  The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch is the first book in a planned eight book series, and will appeal to readers of supernatural, fantasy, paranormal urban fiction.


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