No Fear (No Shame #3) by Nora Phoenix

No Fear (No Shame #3) - Nora Phoenix

In No Fear, we meet Aaron, Josh's brother. He gave Josh a hard time when Josh came out, so you can understand where Josh's feelings towards him come from. However, he stays at Blake's house, and gradually learns just who he is and where he wants to be.

This is probably the hardest book so far for me to read, simply because it talked about 'puppy play' which I've heard about, but never read about until now. The thing I love about Nora Phoenix's writing is that none of it is written for shock value. It all plays a part in the whole story, and nicely rounds out the story arcs that continue through this book.

All of the characters are different, so you won't get confused between the differing voices. This IS part of a series though, and definitely can't be read as a standalone. As with the previous two books, it was excellently written, with no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading. I am absolute loving this series, and the way the characters and their lives intertwine. Highly recommended by me.