No Shame (No Shame #4) by Nora Phoenix

No Shame (No Shame #4)  - Nora Phoenix

No Shame is the fourth and final book in the No Shame series, and although we focus on Brad, Charlie, and Miles, there is a finality to everyone's story. We met Miles in No Fear when he was trying to protect Indy. In return, after he gets tortured, Indy proves once again just how big his heart is by inviting him to recover in their farmhouse/ranch house. This brings a new dynamic into the house, as Miles has his own problems, Charlie is still recovering from his ex's attention, and Brad doesn't know what he wants or how to ask for it.

How these characters all blend together is just amazing to read about, and I loved being thoroughly engrossed in their stories. It is with genuine sorrow that I say goodbye to this series, although it will be one I read again! I would love a little novella to just see how they're all getting on, say, ten years in the future. Hint hint, Nora Phoenix!

I know I run the risk of repeating myself, but I really can't recommend these books highly enough. They are not the 'usual' m/m books, but instead are fresh and original. Each book is a delight in and of itself, but put them together in a series, and you will get blown away. I can't say which is my favourite book, but this one had me smiling and crying at the end, just because of how it ends.

Go and read them! All of them!