VBT, EXCERPT, GUEST POST & #GIVEAWAY - Shifter School (Shifter School, #1) by Gwendolyn Druyor

Shifter School: A Wyrdos Universe Novel - Gwendolyn Druyor
She’s gonna get them all killed.
So they locked her away.
Laylea has been hiding her entire life. She’s never been to school. She’s never had a friend her own age. She’s never known anyone else like her.
All that is about to change. 
In a world hidden from wyrdos and humans alike, shifters are still recovering from a vicious plot to destroy them all. They have two laws they live by now:
1) Hide 
2) Protect the children at all costs.
Laylea has just broken rule number one. But she’s only fourteen. So they’re sending her to school. Where she’s going to learn . . .
Anyplace can be a prison.
The Lincoln Park Shifter School is not your grandma’s uber-secret, underground academy.


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