REVIEW BY AMY - Worth Holding On (Worthy #1) by Amanda Kelley

Worth Holding On (Worthy Series Book 1) - Amanda Kelley

Callie Turner is an independent, successful businesswoman. But, after being betrayed by the two people closest to her, she’s ready to get her life back on track. 
She’s doing well until her father surprises her with a gift that requires the help of… 
Mason Crawford. 
Rugged and caring, he tilts her world on its axis when he descends upon her life with power tools and that damn dimple that has the ability to send her heart racing. 
But he’s promised to stay away from Callie. 
Until he can’t. 
When a seemingly random string of bad luck starts following Callie, Mason is pulled in even further, wanting to protect her. 
Growing closer together, they work to deal with family and overcome obstacles that threaten to tear them apart. 
But Mason soon realizes Callie is the one worth holding on to. 
And he never plans on letting her go.



@Mommy_Amers, #Adult, #Contemporary, #Romance, 5 out of 5 (exceptional)