#Promotional_Post - To My Muse by Nicola M. Cameron

To My Muse - Nicola M. Cameron
Ever do something really, really dumb?

Tech writer by day and romance writer by night, Lily Nayar never intended to send her celebrity crush a copy of the sexy romance novel he inspired. But too much tequila and an enabling best friend land a copy of FEAST OF LOVERS in the hands of hot British actor Tom Morrison. When he tells a horrified Lily that he's taking the book with him on location, she's determined to get it back before he can read it.

With the help of a strategic lie and a charismatic Oscar-winning knight, Lily's screwball plan catapults her into the middle of her very own Cinderella story, Hollywood style. But will her dream project and a chance at romance with Tom get derailed by a vengeful actress?
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