Aboard the Wishing Star by Debra Parmley

Aboard the Wishing Star - Debra Parmley, Joshua Macrae, Belo Dia Publishing

Aboard the Wishing Star is a romantic suspense that is high on romance, and low on suspense, as it is clear from the very beginning who the 'big bad' is. Kara has won a week's cruise, and has taken her best friend for many years with her. It starts off stressful as the airline loses Kara's luggage. She is also phobic about the water, so maybe a cruise wasn't the best idea. However, things look up when she meets Nate, a scuba diving instructor, who takes her under his wing.


I have mixed feelings about this story as I'm afraid I just can't see a man like Nate - self-confident and assured - with a woman like Kara. Although she has nice qualities, she is also quite weak, although she appears to gain some strength at the end. She is also incredibly naive, unbelievably so. She lets her boss and best friend walk all over her. And there are no reasons given for why her best friend's behaviour has suddenly changed within the past year. I didn't feel this made much impact on the story at all, and wasn't really relevant in any way.


However, saying that, it was a nice enough read, with plenty of descriptions. For a story set mainly on a Caribbean cruise, this was a nice getaway read.


* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *



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