RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - Fire in the Rain (Wraidd Elfennol #4) by Morgan Sheppard

Fire in the Rain (Wraidd Elfennol #4) - Morgan Sheppard

Fire in the Rain finds trouble once more in the island of Wraidd Elfennol.


One of the Water Partners has told of a problem with the water ways, which could affect the land and folk for generations to come if a solution is not found.

Afon and Necia, together with their Partners Meinwen and Dai, are called as Chosen. With friends and mentors on hand to help them, they need to find the inner confidence in themselves, and their Element, to win the day.

Will the Chosen of Fire and Water succeed? Or is the Island of Wraidd Elfennol doomed to live forever beneath the shadows of Cysgod?


Full of myth and magic, with a strong Welsh theme, Fire in the Rain brings to a close the Fantasy series set in the imaginary world of Wraidd Elfennol.