REVIEW BY MERISSA - The Cowboy and the Pencil-Pusher by S.C. Wynne

The Cowboy and the Pencil-Pusher - S.C. Wynne

The Cowboy and the Pencil-Pusher is the first book by S.C. Wynne I have read, and I enjoyed it.

In this story, we meet Paul - a man trained to think without feelings, to let cold, hard facts rule him. He was trained this way by his father, but then his dad had a heart attack, which led him to an epiphany. A result of this, is his dad is trying to do things with more feelings. This leaves Paul completely confused and unsure of what he is supposed to do. Paul has to go to a ranch and see Cort and his grandpa, because their payments have fallen behind. Paul would be happy just to foreclose on them, but his dad wants it done differently. Enter Cort. Everything that Paul shouldn't want, but does. Throw in a complicated ex, a stampede, and sexy times, and there you have it.

I loved Paul's character, prissy though he was. There were reasons for the way he acted, and you find them out slowly throughout the book. Cort I loved, up until Riley reappeared in his life. It's funny, because I could get behind him when Riley was just a name, but how he acted once Riley was there, didn't like that. I know Paul couldn't give him the answer he wanted, but to fall back in with Riley was just the easy, familiar route. It didn't seem to mesh very well with the Cort portrayed throughout most of the book. He really was a two-sided character - one with Riley, and one with everyone else.

On the whole though, I did enjoy this book. The pacing was smooth, and the character development was there, in Paul at least