REVIEW BY MERISSA - Scar Me (Haunted Roads #2) by India R. Adams

Scar Me (Haunted Roads #2) - India R. Adams

Scar Me is the second book in the Haunted Road series, and believe you me, it has a lot to live up to. Steal Me, the first book in the series had me throwing my kindle at the wall when it finished. Would, and could, this one possibly live up to its predecessor?

Abso-bloomin-lutely it can!!! It starts exactly where Steal Me ends, but then we proceed to go back in time. Back to a time when Lilah wasn't shattered from her experiences. Back to when she thought the world, and people, were good. We stay with her as she makes the decisions and choices that lead her down her haunted road. We are there for the trauma inflicted upon her. We are there as she shuts down - only this time we know the reasons for it.

Scar Me has a warning about triggers - and trust me, it is well deserved. In so many ways, this book is horrible. It gives you the truth that you might not want to admit to. It shows you how so many people don't see, simply because they don't expect to! And yet this is about hope too. You get to fall in love with a gentleman all over again, seeing him through Lilah's eyes this time. I love Viola's definition of 'scar me', and have no shame in admitting that brought a tear to my eye. There are a multitude of characters introduced in this book, that showed up in Steal Me, but you just didn't 'see' them. Now you will, and find out their back stories too.

Now, fair warning, this book ends on just as much of a cliffhanger as the previous one. However, I am wise to Ms. Adams' tricks now, so I didn't throw my kindle this time. I am left deliciously confused, and yet not surprised, at her twist. This only leaves me wanting more.

Do I recommend this book? Don't be daft, it's an India R. Adams book. Of course I recommend it. I haven't read a bad one of hers yet, and I honestly doubt I will. This is an author that gives you a piece of her heart and soul with every book she publishes. Was it worth the wait? Once again, absolutely. That doesn't change the fact that #INeedBleedMe NOW!!!!