Sin's Thief (Vampires of Vadin #3) by Shelby Rhodes

Sin's Thief (Vampires of Vadin #3) - Shelby Rhodes

Sin's Thief is the third book in the Vampires of Vadin, and I'm still denied my Kaiden and Asher pleasure! However, I am consoled by the amazing story of Cecil and Sin. Not only is Cecil the complete opposite of Sin in looks, deportment, and behaviour, but he is also the opposite in age. Cecil is only eighteen, whilst Sin is approximately six thousand! Talk about cradle robber!

It works though! Trust me on this. It really does.

Cecil may be young in years, but he has ages worth of experience in abuse and horror. His mother left him, his father is an alcoholic and thinks nothing of physically abusing his son. No, Cecil hasn't had it easy, which is why it is hard for him to trust either Sin, or anyone else he is introduced to.

This story is poignantly written in so many places. It's not just steam and sexy times, although they are there too. We learn the full extent of how Cecil's experiences have changed him. We learn about Sin's history, and his beast. Both these characters have more in common than you might originally think.

Once again, this was excellently written, with no editing or grammatical errors. There is one humdinger of a cliffhanger ending though, so consider yourself warned. We reunite with previous characters once again, and I loved the little updates about Adrian and Xavier, plus Stephen and Jayden.

I can't wait for the next book to see where that's going - and then I may also get a hint about Kaiden and Asher. Please, Ms. Rhodes, I'm begging you! Highly recommended by me.

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