BLOG TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - Wolf Tamer (Claiming My Pack #1) by Yumoyori Wilson

Wolf Tamer (Claiming My Pack #1) - Yumoyori Wilson
Wolf Tamer is the first book in the Claiming My Pack series, and right off, I will say it's NOT Reverse Harem. Not yet. It's leading up to it, but not in this book.
Harper watches her family being murdered and manages to escape, although at a cost. She finds her way into the forest and is found by Wolfie. She is then found by Sam and Dolly, together with Rogan, who put her in the system to see if she can find a forever home away from them. This doesn't work, so she ends up with them, much to little Ian's happiness.
The author tried something very difficult in this book, and that is to have the character change from being a child to an adult IN the story. Not viewing her childhood as an adult, but actually being a child. This is hard because it's a RH book, so you've got to have the innocence of the child, and then steamy, multi-partner scenes later on.
I did enjoy this book, although there were parts that didn't make sense to me. I'm hoping they will in the later books. For example, Ian has the ability to be an Alpha, but can't be bothered even though he and Carter butt heads all the time. He is the one who mated Harper first, and has been her mate for years. So why does he back down so damned quickly to Carter at one point. And who was the strange, disembodied voice?
I also would have liked more character development about Rogan, Sam, and Dolly. All three of these characters are pivotal to the story, but all three sort of fade out until the ending.
On the whole, this was a thoroughly enjoyable book, and I would carry on with the series. Like I said though, for this book, it's NOT a RH.
* I received a copy of this book with no requirement or obligation to review. I voluntarily read this book, and the review here is my honest opinion. *
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