Reaper (Birds of a Feather #5) by Lena North

Reaper (Birds of a Feather #5) - Lena North

Reaper is the fifth and final book in the Birds of a Feather series, and it goes out with a bang! Annie is spying on Wilder's ranch, with something to tell them, and not sure of her reception or the reaction once she does. It feels strange for her to mingle amongst people she feels like she already knows, and yet doesn't. Olly is his usual taciturn self, and yet Annie breaks through his barriers easy enough. Things don't go easy for the two of them though, and the whole gang gets involved to keep Annie safe until Olly retrieves his head out of his butt!

What a finale. Seriously, it was fantastic. I love Olly, I have done all the way through this series, but I will admit to enjoying seeing him make a fool of himself. I wasn't too impressed with some of his behaviour though, and was glad he was made to see the error of his ways.

So many characters, so many stories. I can't say out of all of them which are my favourites! Lena North has done an amazing job of making each of these characters and situations completely different, and yet maintaining the overall storyline. I wasn't sure at the beginning if I would like these as much as I did The Dreughan Trilogy. I can now confirm that yes, I did - absolutely!

For a fantastic coming-of-age story, then I can definitely recommend this whole series, and basically anything written by Lena North too!

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