REVIEW TOUR - Where Love Grows by Jay Northcote

Where Love Grows - Jay Northcote

@SignalBoostPR, @Jay_Northcote, #Contemporary, #MM, #Romance, 5 out of 5 (excellent)


Where Love Grows is a beautiful story between two men who have struggled with hard times, set in the gorgeous backdrop of Wales. Stephen has been seriously ill and is struggling to get his life back on track. It appears hopeless and he feels helpless. Luke is suffering from depression and has no idea on how to make his life better OR be able to move forward. Together, these two are amazing.

Oh my, I loved this story. I am not a gardener although my heart is in the right place. Unfortunately, my brown thumb doesn't cooperate! So I was immediately sympathising with Luke as he struggled to understand the difference between a weed and a flower. Stephen is a prickly character that endears himself to you as you learn more about his story. Yes, I wanted to slap him upside the head a couple of times, but I want to do that to my husband at times too, so count it as a compliment