REVIEW BY MERISSA - Succubus Soul: Veras Academy (Succubus Sirens #3) by Lina Jubilee

Succubus Soul: Veras Academy (Succubus Sirens #3) - Lina Jubilee

#Action/#Adventure #Romance, #Erotic, #Ménage or #more, #Paranormal, #UrbanFantasy, 4 out of 5 (very good)


SUCCUBUS SOUL: VERAS ACADEMY is the third book in the Succubus Sirens series, and we meet Bry, along with Derek, Zeke, Rio, and Trey. Three of the men are princes, and one is her best friend.

This was an easy read, with most of the drama coming from Bry as she resented being 'forced' to meet with the princes with a view to marriage. Of course, that changed once she actually met them. As for Derek, she thought she shouldn't be having the feelings she was for her best friend. There was a slight twist to it as Xerxes (from book 2) made a reappearance and tried to mix things up a bit.

With a great storyline, a bunch of brilliant characters (both main and supporting), plus some very steamy bits, this was a great book to read to while away the hours. Definitely recommended by me.