REVIEW BY MERISSA - Run for the Roses (Circles #1) by Elizabeth Noble

Run for the Roses (Circles #1) - 2nd Edition - Elizabeth  Noble
#Contemporary #Romance, #LGBTQ, #Romantic #Suspense, #Mystery
RUN FOR THE ROSES is the first book in the Circles series, and it is a much lighter storyline than some of her other books. There is also a hefty dollop of mystery in here for good measure.

Val and Janelle are best buddies, bonding over their past abusive relationships. When Janelle is kidnapped by her ex, Val sees it all and follows in his car to help her. Things go a bit crazy after that but Janelle is safe and trying to rebuild a relationship with Wyatt, her father. The attraction sings between Wyatt and Val and they get Janelle's blessing to be together.

There is a LOT of information in here about horse-racing and the build-up to events, plus what goes on behind the scenes. This is absolutely essential for the story and I'm glad I've learnt something too! However, some readers may find it goes into too much detail, but I'll leave that to you to figure out.

The relationship itself is very smooth. I can't say anything bad about it but it didn't zing off the charts either. If I had to choose a single word to describe the relationship between Val and Wyatt, I would say comfortable.

This is the first book in the series and it is one I would like to continue with. There are some interesting characters in here I would like to know further, and I would definitely like to see how Wyatt and Val's relationship progresses.

If you are after a light romantic mystery read, heavy on the horses, then I would recommend this one.