REVIEW BY MERISSA - Nevermore (Raven Crawford #2) by J.C. McKenzie

Nevermore (Raven Crawford #2) - J. C. McKenzie

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NEVERMORE is the second book in the Raven Crawford series and we return to Raven as she is still adjusting to what happened at the end of book 1 and the death of the Corvid Queen.

I say that some of the instances in this book are not a surprise, but then I don't think they were intended to be. What you do get is the continuation of the story, with sass and snark in handfuls, steam that melts your Kindle, and a story that just keeps getting better.

I loved how Raven is still at her dead-end job with Mike, not because it's a dead-end job but because she's still got her 'normal' life. She's still trying to pay off Robert's debts and has moved back home. This isn't anyone who has let things go to her head and even more so in this one! We get more of her family in this one, plus some more of the 'bad guys' which, to be honest, just leaves me wanting more.

The writing is on form as always, with the pacing being perfect for the story. The characters just keep on getting better and the story will have you turning the pages, unwilling to stop reading.

For a top-notch Urban Fantasy, I have no hesitation in recommending both this book and the series.