The Songstress (Records of the Three Realms #1) by Joshua Killingsworth

The Songstress (Records of the Three Realms #1) - Joshua Killingsworth

@WriterJMK, @ReedsyDiscovery, #Fantasy, 4 out of 5 (very good)


Travel to a time gone by where love and loyalty don't mean a thing to the Emperors in charge.


The Songstress is the first book in the Records of the Three Realms series and the reader travels to a bygone age very similar in nature to China or Japan. It starts in a tearoom where Kari is trying to protect the young girl she sees as a sister from being taken as part of the Emperor's harem. Kari ends up going too and has to learn how to bend but not break as things are thrown at her that she had absolutely no comprehension about.


This is a rich and intricate tale, woven with skill, to make each scene come alive. Each word is used to the best of it's capability. The world-building is outstanding and the characters help to bring this world to life. Although this is a long book, it doesn't feel that way, as I found myself fully invested in the characters and what was happening to them now.


This is book one in a series so don't expect everything to be tied up neatly. It does finish nicely... for now, although if you are like me, you will definitely want the second book as soon as it becomes available.


This was a fantastic read that I thoroughly enjoyed and was engrossed in from start to finish. With a hint of magic all the way through, this is a book to be savoured. Absolutely recommended by me.