Lost (Werewolf Academy #5) by Cheree Alsop

Lost (Werewolf Academy #5) - Cheree Alsop

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Lost is the fifth book in the Werewolf Academy series and, as the title says, Alex is lost. Kalia is dead. He feels responsible. Boris wants to kill him. Torin wants to kill him. With all that, Alex can't face the Academy so when a friend comes to him for help, he is more than happy to disappear to Greyton for a while. He couldn't help Kalia but he is able to help some of the kidnapped women and girls.


Oh, the guilt in this book. It is quite simply dripping in it. Alex becomes the Demon of Greyton but can't defeat his guilt over Kalia or over leaving Siale behind. He is quite self-involved in this book but I don't think it would be right any other way. He is still a young adult after all, in situations no one should be in, and trying to deal with it any way he can. Just when things look like they're back on track, Alex is betrayed.


Another gripping, exciting, fantastic instalment in this series. It really does just get better and better. I love how different characters are growing and changing as the books progress. It doesn't just remain about Alex although he is the main character. Every book is emotional in different ways and I love that I never know what's coming next.


Do I recommend it? Erm, YES!


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