Vengeance (Werewolf Academy #6) by Cheree Alsop

Vengeance (Werewolf Academy #6) - Cheree Alsop

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Vengeance is the penultimate book in the Werewolf Academy series and it shows no signs of slowing down. After being betrayed, Alex is held by Extremists who want to drain him of his blood. Surprisingly, Drogan is there too and not in the way he wants to be. He is being held against his will as a backup in case Alex doesn't turn. That's right, Drogan is a werewolf too and the reasons given for why he hates them so much are heartbreaking. Doesn't stop me from completely loathing the man but at least I understand more about him now.

On the plus side, Alex has a summer by the sea learning to surf. Okay, so actually he's there to escape Drogan but, you know, silver linings and all that. He learns more about himself and Siale, and what makes him tick and undertake the things he does.

There is nothing too obvious in this book but I can tell it is building up. I know the big climax will come in the next book and I am dreading it as much as I can't wait for it. I've been burnt by Ms. Alsop before! This really is a fantastic series that I am thoroughly enjoying. The characters are likeable, sometimes foolhardy, but always trying their best. Absolutely brilliant.

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