Passion Awakened (The Hush #1) by Katherine Diane

Passion Awakened (The Hush #1) - Katherine Diane

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A vampire warrior. A shrink. This could get uncomfortable.


Kyr, leader of the Vampire Defense Agency’s elite ground team, doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Either he participates in this bullshit psych eval, or his team gets suspended.


But this isn’t about Kyr’s mental health. This is an investigation. Because the director wants to know why the Hush hasn’t been joining the company singalong lately. The reason? A traitor at the VDA is betraying vampire females into the hands of a demon lord.


Yeah. Kyr doesn’t trust anyone, not even—especially not—the gorgeous agent assigned to evaluate him. The only thing more difficult than dodging her questions?


Denying the intense (and inconvenient) attraction sizzling between them…